Sunday, April 13


This is an early announcement and sneak peek at work that I'll have in an upcoming show at the POPzilla Gallery in Anaheim California. The show is called "POPCADE" and will be featuring artwork from all sorts of video games - classic to contemporary. This show is shaping to be Orange County's largest collection of video game pop art ever!

"Trapped in a Never Ending World"
Acrylic on 3 individual 6"x6" canvas boards

My first piece for this show is called "Trapped in a Never Ending World". A simple and graphic approach, this piece features 3 of my favorite classic arcade heroes, each encompassed by the very thing they are stuck doing for eternity.

First we have the Burgertime Chef, destined to forever walk across and create giant hamburger treats. He gets to celebrate briefly when he completes his task, only to have more challenging burgers to make in the next level and an increased number of living foods chasing him. Mr.  pickle is my least favorite.

Next we have Q-Bert, who I feel the worst for because he's forever jumping cube after cube, only to have creepy dudes chasing him and ruining his cube color-chage work. Colliding with one of these bad guys ends up in a horrible squishing sound which hurts Q-Bert so badly, all he can do is shout explitives. Also, one wrong step off the cube pyramid and it ends up in a splat at the bottom of the machine (one of the best video game sound effects EVER!)

Finally we have Mario, who is forever trapped jumping barrels that Donkey Kong tosses his way. Well, at least the pudgy little Italian is getting some exercise.

The reception for this event is 6pm-10pm May 10th 2014 at:

Rothick Art Haus
170 South Harbour blvd
Anaheim CA

I have a second piece that's still in the works too - I'll have a follow up post closer to the opening.

Saturday, March 22


People who know me well will vouch that I love breakfast. Specifically sweet breakfast - thick waffles with ice cream and whipped cream - the stuff that is more like dessert than breakfast.

There is a great place in Roscoe Village called Orange. They create some of the most astounding pancake flights my tastebuds have had the honor of enjoying. For example, here is a pic of the "Dr Seuss" pancakes from a few weeks ago, and the "St. Patrick's" pancakes from just this last Friday. If you have a sweet tooth - you really have to try them for yourself.

Orange also features artwork from local artists. Ten pieces of my artwork are now on display. Feel free to drop in and enjoy!

Orange Restaurant Chicago
2011 W. Roscoe St.

Monday, February 17

Crocodile Fears

Crocodile Fears
Acrylic on Canvas 
Three 8"x24" boards

For the Elmhurst winter guild members show, I did this artwork that features crocodiles playfully raining out of the sky. Children relying on adult figures for protection and safety, but still seemingly untrustworthy and frightening in their own right. Perhaps they are trying to hide the truths of the situation. 

You can see this on display at the Elmhurst Art Museum until the end of February.

Saturday, February 1

From 4-LOM to Zuckuss Interview

I just completed an interview with the fine folks at From 4-LOM to Zuckuss - a site dedicated to Star Wars fandom. Head on over and check it out!

What's a 4-LOM? What's a Zuckuss? Well back in the '80s, Kenner toys screwed up the names of these "Empire Strikes Back" bounty hunter figures - reversing them accidentally. This site pays homage to this and just about everything Star Wars. Yes - it's that wonderfully geeky!

Tuesday, December 31

2013 Art Musings

Hi Everyone. It;s been a few months since the last post so I have a few things to get to. Good to get 'em all out before the clock strikes midnight in about 23 hours!

First off, I don't talk about my work projects much on my blog, but some really cool stuff happens at WMS. Last October, we launched our first ever "Artist's Among Us" Gallery show. This show showcased some of the personal works from over 30 artists that work in the art department. The company gave us this great space in the lobby for major visibility - and it was an interesting challenge for me; this being my first time spearheading a group exhibition like this.

The artwork was hung by fishing line, so it appears to float in front of the brick wall. I was so appreciative to have the help of my workmates to get it looking so cool!

WMS is blessed to work with so many fantastic artists that contributed to this exhibition, such as Mandy NapperDrew Hill, Javier Guzman, Ryan Bowlin, Hal Betzold, Bob Rissetto, Misty Coats, and so many others.

This fall, my friend Tom Dell'Aringa compiled his webcomic "Marooned" and released the entire story in print. Thanks to the support of the fans, Tom's Kickstarter campaign was a success and I'm truly impressed by his accomplishment. In recognition of this awesomeness, I wanted to pay tribute to Tom, and created this little painting of his story's heroes, John and Asimov. Check out Tom's site and look out for other great stories that he's already working on.

"A Man, His Robot, and His World"
Acrylic on Canvas

This has got to be the most Etsy-like thing I did this year. A house-shaped tissue box for Crane. Clever with the tissues coming out of the smokestack - this was a part of an artist series giveaway at their comercial booth.

Acrylic on plastic

Late October was the fall members show at the Elmhurst Artists Guild. My submission was this underwater lovely with some fish shapes for good measure. Just in a green experimental mood for this one.
"Sea Green"
24x8 acrylic on canvas

The guild is open to all artists, and they have a fabulous space to present your latest work. If you are living on the west side (or even residing in the City), check them out and consider becoming a member yourself.
Elmhurst Art Museum Entry Hall

The December show for the artist guild was an invitational show that my wife Heather curated. It's called "Deviant Pop", featuring the art of local Chicago artists Lana Crooks, Joey Potts, Shawn Smith, Andrew Thompson, and Max Bare.  The show is still going on until January 17, so you can check it out if you're looking for a wintertime activity, or something extra cool for your bare walls!

Setting up for the show

Me (Dave Pryor) and Shawn Smith (of shawnimals fame) setting up his work for Deviant Pop.

So thanks for checking in with me this year everyone! I'm already looking forward to some very cool things brewing in 2014. All the best to you in the New Year.

Saturday, October 19

Crazy 4 Cult - Say Hi to the Bad Guy - Gallery 1988

7308 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90046
October 18 - November 9, 2013

"Toht's Retribution"
Acrylic on canvas - 24" x 8"

Gallery 1988 is currently featuring their latest "Crazy 4 Cult" show, which is entirely villain focused. I had so many ideas for this show it was hard to choose. I eventually decided to depict my favorite melty-faced Nazi who got his comeuppance, Toht. Such an impressionable scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark. As a kid, I remember going through this effect frame by frame on VHS tape. Above you can see my work in progress as I neared completion. Be sure to stop by and visit the Gallery to see this in all it's drippy glory.

Monday, August 19

The Official Edgar Wright Art Show - Gallery 1988

7308 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90046
August 20 - September 7

"A Great Big Bushy Beard"
Acrylic on canvas - 30"x10"

Here is a show that I am really excited to be a part of - A tribute to Edgar Wright and his terrific films. I have to say, even though all his movies are thoroughly enjoyable, "Hot Fuzz" wins out for me because of all the deranged characters in Sanford. From Simon Skinner to Michael "Yarp" Armstrong, it's hard to choose a favorite. More than anything else in the film - the line "A Great Big Bushy Beard" always stuck out in my mind - thanks to the energetic delivery by Jim Broadbent's character Frank Butterman. My interpretation of this phrase pays homage to the poor police officer that Nicholas Angel replaces - buried (or I guess just placed) in the tombs of the town. There is one quick shot where this phrase echo's in  actor Simon Pegg's head - so I wanted to create something that looked a bit horrifying but still had a lighthearted twist.

As this show is being publicized - some "special guests" will be in attendance for the opening tomorrow. I think we all know who they are! Be sure to get in line and take in all the wonderful art treats that have been collected for this great tribute!

Sunday, August 18

Kenner Star Wars Figure Paintings

A few of my favorite kenner figures painted up with acrylic on canvas boards.

The Yoda figure was one of the figures that my brother and I each needed to buy because we couldn't settle on who's he would be. I still feel that will the multitudes of new Hasbro Yoda figures, the original Kenner figure is still the best version. How can you get better than an orange snake? He's not holding his trademark cane here since it's been packed away with all the other weapons and accessories.

Power Droid Was always a favorite because he was nothing more than a walking box. He had no storyline and seemed to harbor no resentment towards anyone - he just walked around hoping people needed some juice!

Saturday, July 27

Nine Pocket Skeletons

Time for the Elmhurst Artist Guild's summer show. I've seen some really amazing pieces in this already - definitely a great eclectic assortment of work. My piece is titled "Nine Pocket Skeletons", but my wife likes to call it "pockets full of death". Hey, just because you like to drink doesn't mean you're gonna die right? I sure hope not. I like to think of it as nine thirsty skeletons just hoping to snag a sip of sweet alcohol. Anyway, a fun project and another learning experience for me with this acrylic work. These are nine 7x5 canvas boards with a varnished deep mahogany birch board underneath. So, if you like drinking as much as these animals, stop by for the reception in Elmhurst on Friday August 2, 7-9pm. Hey, there's free booze.

Summer guild members show at the Elmhurst Art Museum.
July 30th - September 6th, 2013.

Tuesday, July 23

Thanks Everyone – Comic Con 2013!

I’m just getting back into Chicago on a late Monday night. The hustle and bustle of the San Diego con is still fresh in my head. This one seemed to breeze by in the blink of an eye, faster than any show previous. Meeting all the great fans and sharing our passions for art, toys, cartoons, and films is always enjoyable – thanks for adding to the memories. It’s not every day you meet someone with the same interest in “Man-E-Faces”, or a girl with an almost unhealthy lust for gnomes. Being stationed at booth F5, I appreciate all the talent around us – Rick Geary, Bobby Chiu, Kei Acedera, Donnachada Daly, Crystal Chesney-Thompson; all great isle-mates who feel like longstanding neighbors during my 6 years of running a table with Bob Rissetto. Now feeling artistically reinvigorated, I look forward to the year ahead and the artistic challenges right on the horizon. To everyone who bought something from me, or simply said it was “cool”, I truly appreciate it. Sorry to those looking for some sold-out items. You can always e-mail me at, and I’ll be happy to accommodate you with the art you are looking for. Thanks everyone, especially to Bob and my wife Heather for running the table and making the trip such a great experience. 

Wednesday, July 17

Monday, July 15

San Diego Comic Con 2013

San Diego Comic Con is only a day away now. As I feverishly prepare, the excitement builds as I look forward to all the fun geekery. Bob and I will be all ready in our same booth (F5), right next to Rick Geary and his lovely wife. As many of you know, this is the only show I do all year - so you are sure to find something unique and special. I'll have a boatload of collectable buttons as usual, and a few surprises too. I know it's always super crowded and crazy, but if it's anything like last year they do a good job of keeping that air conditioner cranked! Be sure to stop by and say hello!

Monday, July 8

Batman and The Joker

Here is my latest in my exploration in traditional medium. A two-face like rendition of the caped crusader and his nemesis. Poor Batman - destined to always be haunted by The Joker and his dark past. 

Here is my sketch of the idea and my first bit of work blocking in the paint.

Thursday, June 27

Creepy Puppet Heads

Another speed painting study as I have fun with Acrylics.
As these puppets will attest - you can't critique if you have no eyes.

Saturday, June 15

Splash Studio Milwaukee

While in Milwaukee last weekend, my wife and I visited Splash Studio - a painting AND drinking establishment. We got there a bit late after dinner (they clean up around 11), but we still had time to get in a quick speed painting. Anyway, if you are ever in the area, they were SUPER friendly, had a great vibe. Stop in and have some fun.

My subject matter - a hornbill from the Milwaukee Zoo 

Monday, May 6

A Nocturnal Delight

New artwork for the spring guild members show at the Elmhurst Art Museum.
May 10th - June 14th, 2013.

"A Nocturnal Delight" - 16x20 Acrylic on Canvas.

Saturday, March 30

Saturday Night Live Tribute - Gallery 1988

Gallery 1988 (west) presents:

This is the premiere show at their brand new location. The theme was a secret until the unveiling last night! Go check out all the fabulous art in this show when you get a chance.

Gallery 1988 (west)
7308 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90046
March 29th - April 20th

My piece for this show is features recent seasons favorite, Vance, the red track suit dancer from "What's Up With That?" Depicting the crazy fluid movements of Jason Sudeikis -  this piece even showcases the little smoke break he took during this year's Christmas show.

This piece is available exclusively through Gallery 1988 and is a limited run of 20. Each print is signed and titled.

Wednesday, December 19

Bears - Circa 1933

I had this image of old-timey bears in my head - something early century, as if they were getting their portrait taken at the bear version of the World's Columbian exhibition. I'm sure junior can hardly wait to get out of that stuffy shirt. Dad likes extra starch.

This piece can be seen on display currently in the winter guild members show at the Elmhurst Art Museum, December 18 - January 18.

Tuesday, December 4

Judd Apatow Tribute Show - Gallery 1988

If you are in the LA area and looking for something to do this December - why not check out the Judd Apatow tribute show at Gallery 1988 Melrose. I will have 2 pieces in the show, both inspired by my favorite movie of Judd's creation - Anchorman! Can you wait for the followup film coming in 2013? I sure can't!

A scene from the film that is tough to beat was the animated segment where Ron Burgundy and Veronica Corningstone travel to a world of unicorns and rainbows. Pleasuretown indeed!


I was also inspired by Brick Tamland's charm, where he was able to somehow avoid deadly mauling and befriend a San Diego Zoo bear.

"Brick Tamland Falls in Love"

Check out all the great artists who have participated in what is sure to be a super exhibit. 

"A Tribute to Judd Apatow"an art show inspired by a comedic producer
Opening Reception: Tuesday, Dec 4, 7-10pm

Monday, September 3

The Avengers

"The Avengers" will soon be released on Blu-Ray/DVD and the recent advertising put me in the mood to re-comp my earlier team image into a poster-like split scene of the heroes. I was reading a Joss Whedon article recently and I agree with how he summarizes his film - "I don’t think it’s a perfect movie. I don’t even think it’s a great movie. I think it’s a great time…"

Saturday, August 25

Home Illustration

Here is an illustration of my house which I did for a recent party invitation. Inspired by the wonderful work of Carol Wyatt, I wanted to capture our home with some charming whimsy. Here are a few pics of the actual house for comparison. Some fun facts - it's a Sears home from 1933 - "The Normandy" is the name of the style as it appeared in the catalog. We have some great strung lights in the back of the house which were a definite must to capture for an evening party.

Wednesday, August 1

Thanks! Comic Con 2012

Another great con in San Diego this year. Met plenty of great folks - just wish I could have seen the rest of the show a bit more. Thanks to everyone who came by the booth. If there is something you missed out on, just send me an e-mail and I can hook you up with some tasty art.

Hey, and thanks to mental_floss for the kind mention this year - those folks are swell!

Tuesday, July 10

Star Wars - Vintage Collecting Art

I got my first star wars figure when I was 7 years old. It must have been in '78 since it was on a card and I didn't get in on the early bird kit. It was R2-D2. My brother got C-3PO.

Right after seeing the movie and before there were Star Wars figures, I dreamed of them. The best I could imagine at the time were rubber bendy versions that matched a beaten up Spiderman I owned. To actually have these figures was the official start to what would be considered "collecting" to me. I needed to have them all.

What really stuck with me was the colorful card-back packaging. The toy package photos, mixed with saturated colors behind the blister where the figure resided made me hang on to the open packages so I could look at the photos and the other toys I wanted on the back. The nostalgia behind these toy memories are some of the most vivid that I can recall from that age.

This new art piece is a fun/macabre statement on collecting. On the left, I have the vivid and colorful memory of the original 12 Kenner Star Wars Figures - with the words "Collect them all!" The purest way I look back on and cherish these figures. On the right, I'm depicting the other side of collecting, where it's all about value and variants, and less about being a kid. This is accompanied with the tag line "Dissect them all". A much less attractive representation of being a collector, and a loss of innocence in the toy itself.

I hope you enjoy - AND, if you will be in San Diego this year for Comic Con, stop by booth F5 and say hi! Let me know which figure was your first.

Friday, July 6

The Avengers

I saw The Avengers movie again recently and I was inspired to draw up the team. A mix of comic and movie stylings.

Saturday, January 28

Tuna Sammich

The Tuna Sammich cartoon pilot was finally posted by one of my friends online (thanks Ron)! Now all can witness the hijinks of this charming and inquisitive little Sammich. The "Pilot" was created at Startoons back in the late '90s. Here it is in glorious "standard definition" - suitable to the late days of this popular format. This looks like it was transfered from some sort of tape media (since I can pick up on some scan lines). Ugh, so much I'd change nowadays - but nonetheless, most of this animation still looks pretty sweet.  Gotta again thank Jon McClenahan for taking a chance on a young me and a young Phil Gullett and allowing us learn so much by working out this idea from start to finish. If a network liked it - you could have been watching this on your own TV. Tuna Sammich still has a lot of fun potential in my mind. At the very least - it was a blast to make and be part of such a great team of artists. Hope you enjoy!

Tuna Sammich Theme song:
Tuna Sammich... Tuna Sammich!!!
He's only just a man that looks like a Sandwich,
There's really nothing strange a-bout it.
He's got some legs and arms, and some bread for some skin,
He's just like you and me, or your own next of kin.
And, even though he's normal, he came packaged in a can.
He's Tuna Sammich!
All American Maaaaaaaaaaaaaan!!!